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About Us - Testimonials

Just wanted to say that Steven and Luke did a FABULOUS job installing a great irrigation system in my very unique back yard of funky shaped raised beds. rain barrels and flora. I wish I'd hired them 5 years ago when I started gardening. They thought of ideas and solutions I didn't know were possible and made for a very logical and user friendly system. They worked hard and were done in a day. They came in right at the estimated cost- no surprises. Most importantly, the system works GREAT and is a breeze to use. I would like to thank them for making me love my garden- my joy and my therapy since my husband's recent passing- more than I ever thought I could. Keep up the great work! -- Monica
>> Response to the Farmer D Learning Garden at Scottish Rite Childrens Hospital of Atlanta >> Daron, The smiles and excitement just keep coming and coming. I have loved looking out my window and seeing the endless stream of patients, families, and staff enjoying the garden. Definitely the talk of the campus, definitely one of the best things to be created in a long time. I know you and your crew worked so hard to make this happen, but it was much more than a job, it was a passion, and I just want to say thanks for making our dream a reality. I can dream big, and honestly this is better than I could possibly have imagined. My hope is that it will be the start of much more to come. Thanks again. DS-

>>Thank you video from Schoolyard Sprouts for helping with their school garden. >>

My name is Debra Tenenbaum and I am the Yeshiva Atlanta Environmental Science teacher to whom you so generously donated the raised bed gardens! First, I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your kindness. It has been my dream and vision to have raised bed gardens at our school and you have made that dream a reality for us! The students want to send a thank you a note of their own and I would like to mail the delivery check to you. Would you please give me the proper address to send both of these? Thank you SO much. Also, the 2 gentlemen who came with the raised beds, soil and plants were so kind and helpful in teaching the students and I just wanted you to know that they were exceptional. Again, thank you so very much for all you have done to impact our students and our school. Sincerely, Debra Tenenbaum

Toothsoap has made a comment on Farmer D Organic Biodynamic Blend Planting Mix:
Tooth SoapĀ® LOVES Farmer D! We use only Farmer D Organic Biodynamic Black Gold in our plant beds and containers at the Tooth SoapĀ® Urban Farm that was also set up by Farmer D. There is NOTHING better! FarmerD dot com is the only place you will be able to get this if you are not fortunate enough to live in Atlanta. Please note: This testimonial sounds fake but it is very real. The peeps at Farmer D are amazing and I visit Farmer D more than once a week. Farmer D is also building our chicken coop!

Hello Farmer D! It's Jennifer Scott from Woodward. I hope you are having a nice summer!

Below is a link to a video I made of our garden at Woodward Academy Primary School. You are in one of the slides!

Our garden was so successful last year due to your soil! All of the pics you will see in the video are plants from your store grown in your soil!

We had a salad party at the end of the school year & I passed out empty bags of Farmer D biodynamic soil to a lot of the parents as business cards :-). A couple of the parents said they use your soil on their home gardens & there is a night & day difference in the growth of their fruits & veggies when using your soil & conventional..of course! :-)

Thank you for all you continue to do to make our world a better place! You truly are an Eco-Star & I look forward to "growing" w/you & your staff again this upcoming school year!

Jennifer Scott

"We have a wide variety of products being used at our 60-plot organic community garden. Hands down, the best garden plots are the ones with Farmer D soil, fertilizer and plants. There is absolutely no debate about this.

What's more, Farmer D is an expert beyond compare and brings great educational value to customers who use his products and services. He is also committed to social justice, so he "does good" while he helps people grow good food.

Farmer D is a seasoned biodynamic farmer; a passionate healthy food advocate; a successful entrepreneur with unique offerings; and a very nice guy. I highly recommend his stores or website be your one-stop shop for all your organic gardening needs, and that you hire him as a consultant to plan your city, school, community or home garden."

Farmer D,

You are amazing. When thinking of who we could choose to help with this project we could only think of you. You drew this with Hashem in mind. It is truly beautiful. I hope that one day this dream of ours, and now a part of yours. will come to fruition.

It was a pleasure to see you yesterday. I wish you well.

Warm Regards,

Donna Goodson at the Epstein School.

Thanks to Farmer D from the students of Ford Elementary School.
Dear Daron,

Urban Gateway Gardens thanks you for your generous support in building Parkside Elementary School’s first edible, organic garden. The contribution of your time and the soil mix has helped this program get off to a great start! The bed that contains your Farmer D Soil Mix is the most healthy and vibrant.

Thank you very much for your generosity, donation and support. We could not have built this garden without you! You and your business are a real asset to the community.


Tina Kite
Garden Sustainability Coordinator
Urban Gateway Gardens, Inc.
Dear Farmer D,

The gardens at Holy Comforter are so grateful for the load of compost that you donated to our Garden of Hope. We’ll be building raised beds in a couple of weeks and will ad a bit of your compost to get them off to a good start. Come visit us anytime; and as we develop our own composting area, maybe you can advise us on how to create compost as wonderful as yours.

With many thanks,
Mary C. Brown and the other Holy Comforter Gardeners

The Farmer D Biodynamic Blend is unlike any other commercial product available. Period. You can feel the vitality from the first time you see it, smell it, touch it and apply it.

Jason Mann, Full Moon Farm, Athens, GA
Dear Farmer D,

WOW--that farm looks fabulous!

Hey, when the cold gets you down, just know that this little kitchen
gardener learned it all from you! I have crimson clover covering half my
beds, and my kale and brassicas are happy as clams. Our yard has become
wall-to-wall butterflies and the girls spend hours chasing them. It doesn't
get better than that.

Pattie Baker
Fresh Baked Copy
Dear Farmer D,

The farm at Serenbe has been a huge success! I want to thank you and congratulate you for taking a worn out piece of Georgia red clay and turning it into a vibrant certified organic farm. The members of the community have had nothing but great things to say about you and the produce coming out from the farm. The sense of community and quality of life it brings to Serenbe is a great asset to our development. The restaurant and bakery are both ecstatic with the quality of produce coming from the farm and we appreciate the added value it brings to the community. The farmers market has been a tremendous success attracting dozens of new visitors to the community each week and providing them with hard to find fresh organic foods. We are absolutely delighted with the progress of the farm and are lucky to have you as part of the team. Though we were sad to see you move on to new projects, we are very happy with the management team you have selected and with your ability to oversee them from afar. We look forward to working with you more as our community continues to grow.

Steve and Marie Nygren
Dear Farmer D,

It amazes me to see how you have created such a vibrant, productive and beautiful farm in such a short time. When we first recruited you, I knew you were going to be the man for the job, however, I never imagined you could accomplish so much in such a short period of time. Taking that ugly, eroded piece of land and turning it into a Garden of Eden is a feat you should be very proud of. The chefs have been absolutely blown away by the unprecedented quality of fresh herbs and produce from the farm and are thus able to offer a truly unique and exceptional dining experience to our members and guests. We are truly impressed with your ability to get the job done without much support or guidance. Your selection and management of your farm intern has also been a great success. The feedback we are getting from our members and guests about the farm and the time they spend with you learning about the farm has been fantastic. You are one of our biggest assets and we are thrilled to have you as our farming guru and good friend.

Mathew Roher
Executive Chef and Assistant Manager
Farmer D-

Thanks for the email. I just caught Rabbi Sykes up to date on our
conversations/plans and forwarded him the invoice. We should be set.
We are so thrilled that you will be again assisting us this
summer...your program and guidance have provide the structure for a
huge programmatic success in camp! Thanks again!


Ross L. Sadoff
Assistant Director
Camp Ramah Darom
Dear Farmer D,

The Coweta County Master Gardeners would like to thank you for speaking at our Backyard Association meeting. Your program was so interesting and informative. By the questions from the audience, you introduced a new way of thinking about gardening. We are looking forward to visiting Serenbe and observing your paths and gardens. We also look forward to the bakery and produce market. Thank you again for a very interesting program.

Barbara France
Dear Farmer D,

Please excuse the time it has taken me to get you this note. I want to thank you so very much for your time in showing us your beautiful farm and teaching us so much about your passion. We especially want to let you know how grateful we were to get to touch and taste the herbs and veggies. You spoiled us by sending us home with all of our own stash of lettuces, radishes, etc. Thank you Thank you – we are so very appreciative of our kindness and generosity.

Bless you!
Matt, Linda, Jordan and Will Hawes
Dear Farmer D,
Thank you so much for our interview last week at Hampton Island. I was truly impressed with the farm and all you’re trying to do for the environment and the community. Not only that, but you are a delightful person to spend time with. I will be in touch about the article. In the mean time, good luck with everything!

Best wishes,

Jennifer Dome, Southern Living Magazine
Dear D,

Really – you have done SO much for me: both in my career and my life in general. You have been a powerful influence on my life choices. I eat better because of you and I have learned to embrace life with a new spiritual and compassionate outlook because of you! Thanks so much for putting so much faith in me and giving me the much needed guidance I needed. Love - Christina
Dear Farmer D,

Your presentation to the Downtown Garden Club of Savannah last Monday evening was extremely informative and inspiring. It was great to learn of such a wonderful enterprise as yours happening so close to Savannah. The valuable influence of your lecture will be that more of us will adopt a much better way of gardening. We will be helping ourselves, our community, and our planet.

We look forward to the appearance of your products on local store shelves. Lynn Chappell will keep us informed about that.
Again, many thanks,

Gay Stevens

Thank you so much for all the time and effort that you put into your wonderful lecture! We have had nothing but wonderful comments! We hope you enjoyed your time at the Garden Expo and wish you all the best.

Tricia Huddas
Dear Daron,
On behalf of the Limmud program committee I wanted to thank you again for your time and contribution to Limmud Atlanta. Your classes were all wonderful, and in particular, I’d like to thank you for participating on the Food and Environment Panel. Your accomplishments and leadership in this field are inspiring and added so much to the rich conversation. I hope our community will have more opportunities to learn with you. Thank you again!

Naomi Rabkin
Limmud Atlanta
Farmer D Organics Biodynamic Blend Compost arrives rich, black, and moist every time. Growing on about 4acres and starting from scratch on red clay, we incorporate this compost each year. Our fertility plan of intensive cover cropping and composting has helped us raise our organic matter from under 2% to 3.5% in just a couple years and our harvest totals have increased at the same rate. I highly recommend this product to restore life and health to your soil.

Paige Witherington, Serenbe Farms
Farmer D,

I have been adding your compost to each bed in the hightunnel before a new planting. Your compost has increased germination and yield. it is a pleasure to work with, so clean and light.

Nicolas Donck
Crystal Organic Farm
From the Ethicurean on March 2nd, 2008
Whole Foods, whole compost: One of the coolest business relationships we’ve heard of in a while — a waste-recycling arrangement between a local farmer and Whole Foods. (FoodShed Planet)

Although I am the rather prejudiced mother of Farmer D, objectively speaking, without trying to conduct any type of deliberate comparison, everything in our garden that had the biodynamic farmer D compost lovingly added to it, has blatantly flourished over and above the parts that were overlooked-is it the love and pride with which it was applied or is it the incredible diligence that farmer D applies to every thing he produces-having seen him at work over the years-I opt for the latter reasoning despite the huge amount of love and pride his mamma has for his awesome compost nourishing the soils of the southeast!

Avril Joffe
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