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Do you want to grow your own food? We can help! Farmer D's Backyard Cultivators can turn your backyard into a garden of organic bounty. We have extended our garden installation program into a weekly service where our educated staff return and help maintain the integrity of your garden plot!

If the stress of maintaining a garden has you undecided about whether you'd like to have Farmer D Organics put one in, this program is for you. Given the busy lifestyles of today, not many people have the opportunity to stop and think about what's for dinner, let alone how to grow it!

Backyard Cultivators Programs and Compost Cultivators We offer a range of services tailored to your individual needs:
  1. SITE VISIT with a detailed garden consultation; answering questions, offering new ideas and advice. $100
  2. DESIGN a garden and plan out seasonal plantings, or revitalize an ignored, overgrown space.
  3. INSTALL Raised Bed gardens complete with FDO's Organic Biodynamic Planting Mix, Organic Fertilizer, drip irrigation, plants and more.
  4. WEEKLY MAINTENANCE for your vegetable garden: weed,fertilize, organically manage pests and diseases and maintain upkeep of the garden and immediately surrounding areas
  5. GARDEN-SITTING: we will keep you growing while you're gone. Watering, insect/disease scouting & treatment and harvesting.
  6. HARVEST: Help you harvest your bounty of fresh produce for you and your family.
  7. TEACH you about organic growing, by sharing our knowledge as we plant, maintain, or troubleshoot your veggie garden or landscape.
  8. COMPOST CULTIVATORS PROGRAM: We will come out to you property and help you create and maintain a healthy compost program. This service includes free amendments to maintaining good compost (i.e. sawdust, biodynamic compost starter, mulch etc).


  1. Learn first hand how to care for your plants in order to ensure the greatest return on your investment
  2. Ensure that all your product is truly Organic.
  3. Never worry that you don't have enough time to upkeep your garden or worry about how your garden is doing when you are away
  4. Best pick of vegetables brought to your house in the key season for veggie availability

Every Backyard Cultivator will get the following services:
  1. Free pest management application (BT, Insecticidal soap).
  2. Free delivery of any plants specified.
  3. Free installation of row cover and hoop framing to extend harvest in winter.
  4. Weeding in the area of bed and inside of bed.
  5. Harvesting and replanting of vegetables as seasons change.
  6. Application of fertilizer during the turn of seasons.

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This program is specifically designed for the hard working american who wants to eat fresh, delicious treats, but doesn't have the time to grow it. It not only provides healthy food right from your own soil, but it saves money at the grocery store and in the gas tank. If you are worried that setting up a garden right before the winter is a bad idea, don't be! There are several plants that can withstand the temperate, Georgia winter and besides, having your garden set up in the down time of the winter makes spring planting a piece of organic strawberry shortcake. Farmer D Organics gets pretty busy in the spring and you never know when we'd be able to schedule a visit. Contacting us about this exciting new program early is taking one step closer to healthy food, the natural way, right in your own backyard.

Send us an email for more information!

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