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Daron Joffe is not what most people envision when they think of farmers. Joffe is a 30-something eco-entrepreneur with more than a dozen projects cooking around the nation. Actress Jennifer Garner thinks his turnips "rock" and billionaire entrepreneur Sir Richard Branson wants him to develop an organic farm at his exclusive New Jersey spa. Known as Farmer D, Joffe also creates Farmer D Organic Compost out of green waste from Whole Foods stores in the southeast U.S. In addition to innovative internship programs that help at-risk youth learn about agriculture, Joffe is involved in creating and sustaining small organic farms in developments around the U.S.
Check out In the Field to learn more.

In the Field:
Farmer D interviews an EPA scientist about food waste.

In the Field:
Farmer D gives some tips on picking herbs.

In the Field:
Farmer D helps a tree farm go organic.

In the Field:
Farmer D teaches young students how to plant a garden.

In the Field:
Farmer D has a conversation about starting kids early on gardening.

In the Field:
Interviewing the president of the American Community Garden Association

In the Field:
Farmer D shows how to harvest lettuce.

In the Field:
A conversation with Slow Food USA president

In the Field:
Farmer D explains about beneficial insects in the garden

In the Field:
Meet Farmer D
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