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About Us - Mission

Farmer D Organics is an environmentally friendly, socially conscious business that creates farms and products for the earth and its people.

The Farmer D Organics product line is based on creating and making available the highest quality organic soil and plant foods for growing the most nutritious and delicious food and medicines from the backyard gardener to the large scale organic farmer.

Farmer D Organics Signature Biodynamic Blend Organic Compost is a Demeter certified biodynamic compost that is made using the organic spoils from Whole Foods Market as a key ingredient that not only makes a superior product, but also a fantastic sustainable, closed-loop model. Our signature cedar products are hand made in the USA using Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Certified Western Red Cedar.

Our Philosophy

By applying biodynamic principles to agriculture and urban gardens, Farmer D Organics strives to empower people to grow healthy foods and sustainable communities.

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